A Talk Radio Listener Reports Mark Levin Is STILL Claiming Cruz Can Win—Probably Because He's Been Bribed
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Re Steve Sailer's blog post Trump Goes 5 for 5; Northeasterners Love the Donald

From: A Talk Radio Listener[Email him]

What's a bigger waste of donor money than running anti-Trump attack ads?

Buying worthless, left-over copies of a Mark Levin book for $400,000 (as the Senate Conservatives Fund did)so that he will yell “Cruz good Trump bad” into the microphone for three hours every night. [Levin: Cruz Will 'Have a Tough Fight,' But The Race Isn't Over, His Supporters 'Want It To Be Over', Breitbart, April 26, 2016]

What will Conservatism Inc. do for money when they can no longer persuade gullible donors that if only they are compensated adequately, Trump can be stopped?

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