A Reader Says Cruz's Fiorina Pick Means All His Pivoting To Immigration Patriotism Has Been Phony
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Peter Brimelow's blog item Cruz Picks Fiorina For VP–Will Satisfy Donors, Consultants, But NOT Immigration Patriots. Is He Cashing Out?

From: A Cruz Non-Fan [Email him]

Ted Cruz has announced Carly Fiorina (NumbersUSA Rating: D+) as his VP pick. This should demonstrate that Cruz has been completely dishonest about immigration.

Fiorina believes the 14th Amendment guarantees citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

Fiorina supported the DREAM Act, and when running for senate in 2010 formed a group for her campaign called “Amigos de Carly” (Friends of Carly) with text in Spanish.[Archived link: Amigos De Carly page.]

In typical politician double-speak, she has said she is against amnesty, whilst being for the DREAM Act and “open” to legal status for adult illegals.

If indeed Cruz is an immigration patriot, then why has he chosen one of the darlings of the Establishment as his VP pick? Especially one so bad on immigration. Wouldn’t that be like Trump choosing Lindsay Graham as his VP?

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