Biden Suggests Cops Shoot "Unarmed" Persons Coming At Them With A Knife In The Leg Instead Of The Heart
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From SelectNew91:

Biden Proposes Training Cops to Shoot Attackers in the Leg to Reduce Fatalities

Enrique Bullard June 1, 2020 US Headlines No Comments

Joe Biden suggested Monday that police could train officers to shoot assailants to reduce potential fatalities.

“There is the idea that instead of standing there and teaching an agent when an unarmed person comes at him with a knife or something, shoot him in the leg instead of the heart,” Biden said. “There are many different things [policies] that can change.”

And if the unarmed attackers are armed with a handgun, the police should shoot the unarmed persons in the hand so they drop their arms.

Biden made his comments when meeting with leaders of the African American community at the Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, Del. …

Members of Biden’s staff have donated to groups attempting to release rebels on bail. Campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said Reuters that Biden against cash bail is the equivalent of a “modern prison for debtors”. It was not clear whether the donations were coordinated by the campaign or made individually.

President Trump condemned the donations on Saturday, saying that they would “support financially the chaos that hurts innocent people and destroys what good people have spent their lives building.”

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