A San Francisco Reader Remembers Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Awful Immigration Legacy—Even If Feinstein Herself Can't
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From: Angie Saxon [Email her]

As U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) continues her years-long descent into dementia while refusing to resign, the devastating impact she has had upon the United States cannot be ignored.

As Mayor (1978 to 1988), Feinstein decreed the then-charming, safe, world-class San Francisco as the nation’s first ”Sanctuary City” in 1985, to aid “refugees” from El Salvador and Guatemala.  Central American gangs, including MS-13, quickly took over what had been solid, blue collar neighborhoods with safe streets, and the 24/7 gang shootings began.

The ”Sanctuary City” movement she created has destroyed many cities across the nation, including San Francisco. Mayor Feinstein also cozied up to the Chinese immigrant community, making many trips to Red China to set up ”sister cities” with the Communists. An early supporter of China’s Most Favored Nation Status—at the time, she appointed a recent Red Chinese immigrant who couldn’t speak English to serve as Chief of S.F.’s Economic Development—she ignored Coast Guard warnings when a large ship sailing under China’s flag passed under the Golden Gate and docked, with untold thousands of illegal Chinese scattering into the night. (The discovery decades later of her Chinese spy-chauffeur was just one more thing in the long list of Feinstein and her third husband Dick Blum’s shady dealings and implausible explanations.)

Feinstein’s support for unlimited, harmful mass immigration also resulted in her negotiating the right for Russian Jews, supposedly to honor her Russian-born mother Betty Rosenberg, to enter the U.S. as ”refugees” starting in 1985, where they continue to receive millions of dollars in subsidies despite not facing discrimination in the USSR/Russia.

This act opened the gates to the brutal Russian mafia. As an aside, Feinstein also supported Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple and closely aligned with and strongly advocated for San Francisco’s gay population, which never held her accountable for refusing to close the gay bath houses during the AIDS epidemic, killing hundreds of thousands. How did she get her start in politics?

Dianne’s father, Dr. Leon Goldman, was California Gov. Pat Brown’s physician, and asked his patient to appoint his unemployed, C-student Stanford grad to her first paying job on the California Women’s Parole Board, where she became known for arguing for the release of killers and violent criminals. This is Dianne Feinstein’s legacy. 

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