A Reader Wonders What The New, Woke Air Force Would Think Of General Hap Arnold
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Re: A Military Reader Says The US Air Force Is Getting Woke, Training Airmen To Be Sensitive 

From: Wilburn Sprayberry [Email him]

James Fulford wrote of that Air Force Materiel Command diversity conference:
Here's the photograph of the leadership of the Materiel Command, four or five white guys in fatigues (for no reason) and a white civilian employee in a suit. The portrait on the wall shows a white guy from an era when Air Force Generals dressed like grownups. (I think it may be a USAF Shade 193 Summer Service Dress uniform, but whatever it is, it doesn't look like pajamas.)
To what Fulford said about him: indeed.
The white guy in the portrait is General of The Air Force Hap Arnold (1886 –1950), taught to fly by the Wright brothers, commander of the Army Air Forces in WWII, first chief of staff of the independent Air Force after WWII, first and only Air Force five-star general. Probably the most important Air Force leader in American history, surpassing even Curtis Lemay.
And, no doubt, soon to be memory holed so our feminized, blackenized, & trannified USAF won't be disturbed by the image of an old-fashioned white guy who could boot-stomp the whole lot of them in about five seconds. 
James Fulford:  This is true. Here's  a close up of Hap Arnold, who was able to stay on active duty in spite of four heart attacks during WWII:
Here's his actual uniform, on display in the Smithsonian:
There's a qualification badge below the medal ribbons on the left breast that I had never seen before:
The reason you don't see many of these is that it's the Military Aviator's Badge of 1913, superseded in 1917 by the more familiar silver wings worn by Air Force pilots.

I assume Arnold is guilty of racism, because he's a white male, and dead at that.
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