A Reader Wonders About Disney`s Latina Princess: How Realistic Is She?
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October 21, 2012, 01:51 AM
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Re: Disney to unveil first Latina princess,, October 19, 2012

A Spanish Princess, Not A Latina

From: Steven Vaughan [Email him]

What, no gang tattoos?

No Section 8 vouchers in hand? 

No Medicaid card? 

No swollen, distended belly with her third illegitimate child? 

And she`s only 19?

Who knew?

Oh yeah, these are only stereotypes

Right? Right?

James Fulford writes: 

The story says 

"Some may say that Sofia doesn’t look very Latina and others might say Hispanics come in all shades, but Disney says she is Latina, according to"
It`s pretty obvious from the picture of Sofia and the European castle in the background that Sofia is not a Mexican or South American Latina of partly Indian descent.

Rather, like Marco  Rubio, Ted Cruz, the late Judge Leander Perez, and Roan Quintana-Garcia of the Council of Conservative Citizens, she is Spanish—a white person, like Cinderella.  Therefore, she can`t be expected to conform to Mexican or Guatemalan stereotypes. Of course, Disney will be considered racist whatever they do, but that includes not having an "Latina" princesses–which is why she`s here.