A Pennsylvania Reader Wonders When The Meeting Was Held In Which "Hispanics Were Made Honorary Descendants Of African Slaves"
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Re:Alexander Hart's article Ann Coulter’s MUGGED And The Southern Strategy

From: Dave Shanken [Email him]  

Alexander Hart quotes Slate's Ron Rosenbaum on the subject of

"... GOP opposition to affirmative action, race-based hiring "quotas" and all other methods of compensating for the debilitating legacy of slaveryJim Crow and segregation [Is the Republican Party Racist? October 8, 2012] [Links added by VDARE.com]..."

The above phrase is, of course, the standard liberal position that I have encountered for many years. Because the article was on VDARE.com, an extraneous idea occurred to me. The reasons advanced above for these policies certainly do not apply to the Hispanic minority. Yet today, Hispanics are the beneficiaries of affirmative action, quotas, and now diversity.

Hispanics have never been enslaved in the U.S. There have been times and places in the U.S. where Hispanics have experienced discrimination, but this is true for other groups: Irish, Italians, Jews, Germans, Orientals, and today WASPs. None have been within order of magnitude of what blacks have experienced.

I guess that I missed the meeting when when Hispanics were made honorary descendants of African slaves.

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James Fulford writes: I know, I know. But this has been going on for years—two representative quotes:

Carol Mosely Braun:

'My late mother used to say it doesn't matter if you came to this country on the Mayflower or a slave ship, through Ellis Island or across the Rio Grande, we're all in the same boat now.''

Two Democratic strategists in the Nation Magazine:

"As the Rev. Jesse Jackson often says, the hands thatpicked the cotton, plus the hands that picked the lettuce,are the hands that can pick the next President—for years to come." [Joe Velasquez and Steve Cobble: Blue States, Latino Voters, Jan 5, 2003]

For blacks and Hispanics, it's an alliance of convenience against whites, but why whites should be expected to take is seriously is something for which I have no explanation.

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