A Reader Suggests A PC Argument Against Mass Immigration
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Re: A Reader Wonders About Disney's Latina Princess: How Realistic Is She?

A Young Illinois Reader [Email him]

That's a lovely castle Disney's new princess has. I wonder how much plundered gold and silver from the Americas it took to fund it?

Sofia, The White Latina Princess

I'm joking, of course, but there's an argument to be made here that turns the tables on the PC crowd.

The conquistadors didn't seem to have a problem ruling over large numbers of indigenous peoples when it meant lots of labor for their haciendas, silver mines, etc. But now that the proverbially restless natives have become inconvenient for Latin elites, they're happy to export their surplus peasantry to us.

Immigration restrictionists should cast mass immigration as a kind of demographic bailout for Latin America's white ruling class. It's not the most direct or forceful argument, but it has the advantage of being palatable to the sensibilities of mainstream conservatism.

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