A Reader Points Out That The "Detroit Doctors" Charged In Medicare Fraud Are Almost All Arabs.
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From: Rusty [Email him]

Well, once again those cheating Americans have been caught in Medicare Fraud! Those typical American names like Rashid, Mozeb, Betro, Omar, Zahoor, Pappas and Haq. The July 12, 2017 Detroit News reported that the FBI raided offices in Detroit with allegations involving a $131.8 million scheme. Feds charge 7 with $132M Medicare fraud, Sarah Rahal, and Robert Snell, Detroit News, July 12, 2017

Five of these men were from Oakland County one of the wealthiest counties in the country, while the other two were from Washtenaw County and Ohio. Note that two Michigan counties are named which makes me wonder why that state seems to draw these types of criminals? Why would bond by a mere $10,000 for people, who are obvious flight risk? A friend pointed out last year that if Medicare is in trouble one fix would be to make fraud impossible.

Having worked in that field she said the reason Medicare is so expensive is because fraud is too pervasive. That leads to the question of why are non-native Americans granted such easy access? If the federal bureaucrats who are the gate keepers were held responsible maybe fraud would be stopped.

James Fulford writes: Typical headlines about this story say Detroit area doctors, 2 others accused of ripping off Medicare for $132M, By Robert Allen , Detroit Free Press , July 13, 2017 and Metro Detroit doctors charged in historic national health care fraud scheme 412 arrested in largest nationwide health care fraud scheme in US history, By Rod Meloni, Clickondetroit.com, July 13, 2017. The second one includes reporting on what they call a "West Bloomfield man" named Mashiyat Rashid. I'd say he looks like "Middle East" man, myself.

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