A Reader Suggests Alberto Gonzales Should Use "Hispanic Culture" As A Defense
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04/22/07 - A Reader Doesn't Like Being Called Ignorant By The USCCB

From: Roger Lucheta [email]

In following the Alberto Gonzales matter, it occurred to me that he should pull the "cultural defense". The media have identified Gonzales repeatedly as a Mexican ("Hispanic") rather than as an American, and he has not objected.

Given that dirty politics, cronyism, and corruption are the very essence of his country's approach to governance, why doesn't he just pull the cultural defense? (For an interesting example of this in Germany, read the May, 2007 issue of Chronicles, where a German judge ruled that wife-beating is o.k. for Mohammedans, since the Koran justifies it.) [Germany Cites Koran in Rejecting Divorce, By Mark Landler, New York Times, March 22, 2007)]  Who knows, maybe the Mexican Consulate will send someone to defend him!

VDARE.com Note: Alberto Gonzales was born in Texas, and Hispanic activist think he's neither disloyal nor anti-American enough to suit them. [See Alberto Gonzales and the Politics of Whiteness, on the ¡Para Justicia y Libertad! Blog. (Send them mail)] But he meets our standards. For disloyalty, that is.

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