A Pennsylvania Reader Says A Mexican Alien Has Terrorized Her Community
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From: [Name Withheld]

I wish you could see this image of Miguel Padilla in the same size as

It appeared in my newspaper this morning; a front-page 7" x 7" picture of an illegal alien, convicted in Altoona, PA for three murders

My eyes were immediately drawn to the huge tattoo covering the right side of his neck and "Mexico" emblazoned on this evil person.  He has lived, illegally, in the USA since he was nine, but obviously his allegiance is to the south. So much for assimilation!

The rest of the story is becoming an unbelievable nightmare for the families of the victims and for the community as well.  As soon as Padilla was arrested, the Mexican consulate in Philadelphia (what the hell is a Mexican consulate doing in Philly?) arrived into quiet, safe, and law-abiding Blair County to demand a change in venue for this Mexican man.

No condolences were offered for the families and friends, but rather only an insult to the integrity of Blair County residents. 

Padilla got a jury from Cumberland County, but was still found guilty of the murders. [Vdare.com note: A Judge ruled that the out-of-county jury "could not know of Padilla's citizenship status."] American citizens have paid the bill for his deeds.

Now, look what Padilla wants to do!  A new petition he sent to the court was prepared for him "with the assistance of the Mexican government."  Read it and weep.

In spite of the fact that Padilla has lived here in the US longer than

George Bush has been president, I still hold Bush morally responsible for this. Bush consistently denies redress to the citizens of this nation, citizens who are guaranteed those rights by the Constitution. 

We need enforcement of our laws regarding the illegal invasion of aliens; people who ruin our country, disrespect us and in far too many cases, threaten our well-being. 

Will someone please sue the government when illegal aliens commit these crimes?  Please!

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