A Reader Sees The New America At A Garage Sale In Phoenix
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From: David Pittman in Arizona

We had a garage sale this last weekend-just your typical garage sale except for some definite evidence of change of behavior in many of those that came. In the Phoenix, Arizona area if you have a garage sale you naturally have many people who are Mexican who will come.

In the recent past many Mexican people who came to the garage sale to buy were a very reserved group of people who you had a respect for because you knew they were poor and they were trying to buy items of necessity to provide for their struggling family.

They came in vehicles that were broken down and they were very humble and polite in their demeanor in doing business with you—you admired their family integrity. Flash forward a few years to the present—a very noticeable change has happened. No longer the broken down vehicles pulling up to the curb—well dressed families exited the vehicles. A noticeable aggressiveness prevails.

A parallel society has formed next to the legal American society. This new society lives by it's own rules and is comfortable in doing so—it is a society that is realizing it's new found power and is using this new power to work in the form of intimidating behavior. We are told these people live in the shadows—nothing could be farther from the truth as I witnessed from this last weekend. These people have plenty of cash on hand—the new attitude is brazen- the humble servile presence has vanished. There are two Americas in play now—one is the vanishing world of the American middle working class—the other is Bizarro World America—an illegal society that is living off of the legal America and it is living by the non-ethics of the third world. These two Americas cannot exist together—one of these Americas will perish.

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