A Reader Says That If WHITE NFL Players Protested, They'd Be Crushed By The League Authorities
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Re: Paul Kersey's article Kaepernick’s Black Lives Matter Antics Show It’s Time For Americans To Put Away Childish Game of Pro/College Football

From: A VDARE.com Reader Who Prefers Anonymity [Email him]

Defenders of the NFL players' "protests" during the playing of the National Anthem repeatedly cite the "constitutional rights" of the players, but this is nonsense and can be shown so with a simple thought experiment:

Imagine a white NBA player who announced he would sit during the playing of the National Anthem on the national holiday named for Martin Luther King Jr. (a day on which the NBA plays several nationally televised games each year) on the grounds that King was a plagiarist, a serial adulterer and a fellow traveler.

Would those defending the NFL players also back this player? Of course not, and nor would the NBA. The defense of the NFL players had NOTHING to do with the US Constitution, the freedom of speech or any such thing. These players are receiving approbation for one reason and one reason only: because our Cultural Marxist rulers approve of the CONTENT of their protests. No such "constitutional rights" are applicable to badthink.



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