A Reader Reports Some Grassroots Overpass Activism—Which Made Leftists Lie To Police
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From: Ed Hunter [Email him]

Time: 3-6 PM Friday May 19

Place Gorman Rd  bridge I 95 overpass  northbound

Personnel: Edward Hunter,  Lewis Porter, Cast of thousands of motorists.

Reaction to the sign:Instant understanding of message from both sides. A very timely message.

  • Appreciation and honking from conservatives.
  • Liberals Globalist/ Communists  voicing great support for  the continued monopoly of public airwaves by  Multi National Corporate Media.
Using cell phones some Washington DC liberals called in fake “death threat” complaints stating that we were putting up signs that said “KILL ALL LIBERALS”. Unable to counter the message they had to lie to preserve their agenda.

The cops arrived and demanded we take down signs so they could read them.( You can't see what they say from the back.)

When we did so they saw we only called the Liberal Media ...liars. The truth is frightening for some but not illegal yet.

"Liberal Media" "All Lies" "All The Time"

Nice try,  liberals.

See a previous letter from Ed Hunter.

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