A Reader Reports New Blackout On Iraq Veteran Wounded By Illegal Alien In Arizona
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From: EB in Phoenix, Arizona

An Iraq war vet was stabbed in Phoenix recently by an illegal alien, [Armando Martinez-Lozano, 34] but the news here has been slow to report this and has actually often even left out the part about the perpetrator being an illegal. (Only one news station, KPHO, reported this bit of information).

The only place you can read about it online at this time, that I can find, is here, then click the Cox video on the right. [Soldier Stabbed After Return From Iraq, KPHO.com, February 13, 200]

The name of the soldier is Jason Okon, and his family and friends are also saying that it was a hate crime, that the illegal alien purposely did it because he knew that Jason was a U.S. vet:

Why the news blackout on this? [VDARE.COM note: Google News has one result for "Jason Okon" as of this writing.] (Which is all too typical when it comes to illegal aliens around here, a money-maker for the rich here.)

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