A PA Reader Has A Symbolic Traffic Experience
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From: Greg Guidone

I was driving around my township today (Sunday) to complete some errands, when a young Hispanic male (driving one of those loud, little cars) cut in front of me at the last second in an attempt to beat me to the traffic light.

In frustration, I blew my car horn. To my surprise, the seemingly stoned driver, jumped out of his car (which was probably not insured) and shot me the finger and told me to get f—ed!

My amazement was not just about what had occurred but, more, for what it represented.

I was instantly reminded that our entire country has been given the "finger" and told to "get f—ed", whether it be by some political party or by the Mexican government.

I work hard, pay my taxes, I pay for my health benefits and I consider myself middle-class.  What do we do?!

Do we take up arms? Are militias the answer? Our politicians can't get it right or don't care. The rest of the world has figured us out and is slowly exploiting our own system, one wave of immigrants at a time!

These are desperate times. Our children's future is in danger of disappearing.

I know of one illegal alien in my area who continues to bring in more aliens for $5,000.00 each. He then buys up cheap properties and rents to the newly arrived aliens who then work for him for $5.00 per hour cash. He then charges construction companies $25.00 per hour per laborer.

This criminal owns three restaurants, twenty or more buildings, and continues to operate as he pleases. There are many people that struggle to make that type of money in 6 months!

I am not sure where I am going here, I maybe just needed to regain my sanity after the day's event. All of this goes on in Montgomery County Attorney General Bruce Castor's back yard. [email his office].

There's everything from prostitution to drugs to human smuggling and daily traffic violations, an over-burdened health care system. Where are we going as a people and as a country?

My apologies for my ramblings, I am turning in for the night as I have a busy day at work tomorrow so that I can continue to pay my way through this world.

I am third-generation Italian-American and most of all a proud American with a kick-ass attitude towards our enemies. But this group may turn out to be our silent conquerors if left unchecked.

By the way, is anyone enforcing the Bill Of Rights?

Thanks for the ear.

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