A California Reader Can't Avoid Mexican Radio
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Re: Allan Wall's article Now We're All On "Mexican Radio"—And It's Not A Harmless Novelty

From: A Reader In Tuolumne County, CA [Email him]]

Allan Wall's article iis excellent.

In the late 90s I was driving a rental car in Kings Canyon National Park. When I finally reached the bottom of the Canyon, over 8,000 feet down, said to be the deepest in the nation, I flipped on the dashboard radio and ran the needle across the dial. All weak white noise, except for one blaring raucous station. You guessed it: Spanish-language.

"In short, we are allowing the growth of a Fifth Column culture on the airwaves which, in the end may well displace our own. And it's happening right under our noses." Exactly so.

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