A Reader Asks If Conservatives Don't Have Something In Common With Muslims? Answer: No.
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02/24/11 - A Midwestern Reader Laments The Consequences Of Somali Immigration

From: Peter Henderson [Email him]

Re: Brenda Walker's blog item Sweden: Muslim Immigration Not a Great Idea

Brenda Walker says the Swedish have wised up to the fact that letting Muslims in threatens Swedish values. This is a recurring theme on Vdare.com and some other nationalist websites: Muslims threaten our values.

As a conservative of several decades standing, I find this ironic. Conservatives fought against the dismantling of taboos against adultery and profanity, they fought against feminism (remember Limbaugh's word 'feminazi'?), they fought against gay lib and gay marriage, they fought against legalizing pot, they fight still against abortion and euthanasia, and they fight against the "New Atheism."

Many are religious fundamentalists who question evolution and take a dim view of hedonism. And I think they were quite correct to oppose these things, though there is room for disagreement on where to draw the line. Now it's clear that "Swedish values" as they are currently practiced include support for all these things that conservatives have opposed. Not only are they supportive, but they are willing to jail people who defend the old values.

For example, Swedish pastor Ake Greene was arrested for reading Biblical passages condemning homosexuality. ["The Darkest Corners Of Our World"?—Bush Can Start With Europe's Hate Crime Crackdown] And of course Holocaust denial is outlawed [VDARE.com note: Actually, Holocaust denial is not specifically outlawed in Sweden, but they have a lot of hate speech laws.] So much for free speech, a value that Muslims are faulted for failing to appreciate.

Meanwhile Sweden is a famous source of dirty movies and is known for its high rate of alcoholism and suicide.

Can we not join Pat Buchanan and the late Pope John-Paul in seeing something fundamentally healthy in Muslim hostility toward and fear of Western "progressive" values? Ought we not to consider making alliance with them in international forums, as the Pope did at the Cairo Conference on population control, opposing an American delegation led by Stalinist Bella Abzug?

Or must conservatives always be "useful idiots"?

James Fulford writes: The reader is wrong here. Dinesh D'Souza got a whole book out of the same idea. He was even wronger.

There are objections to Swedish morals and Swedish socialism, although they're not that bad if they're confined to Scandinavians.

But they're nothing to the problems of Islam. Muslim customs are incompatible with life in Western society, even if we were to return to the values of, say, the nineteenth century.

For example, Muslims aren't just opposed to women dressing like strippers, they're opposed to women appearing in public with bare faces, and in calf-length skirts.

Muslims don't just oppose group sex, gay sex and gay marriage—they'll kill a girl for dating.

While they may prize fertility, and oppose contraception, and for all I know, abortion, they commit a lot of actual infanticide .

Conservatives decry the sexualization of teenagers, and pro-gay sex education in the schools. In Iran, the age of consent has been as low as nine.

And Muslims aren't really interfaith guys. They hate Christianity, too. They hate beer. So, as I say, they're incompatible with American values.

However, Muslims are welcome to try living like that, if they will follow one simple rule—stay home.

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