A Reader Has Thoughts On Intermarriage And The "Flight From White"
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Re: A Patriot Lawyer Wonders If Intermarriage Will Postpone "White Minority Status"; Steve Sailer Answers

From: RonaldB [Email him]

Fabrizio Evola's thesis is that the US population will eventually stabilize with a majority of people identifying as white, regardless of actual genetic composition.

This assumes eventual success in controlling the border and immigration, legal and illegal. It assumes the white birth rate will not collapse further and minority birthrates will continue to collapse.

The biggest problem with this is birthright citizenship. There is a large group of immigrant children in the US whose parents came illegally but the children were born here. They can vote as soon as they come of age. Leftist voting patterns are stable through generations for immigrants. The national elections are already finely balanced. Chances are, a pro-immigration Democrat will have a huge chance to be elected President in 2024, even if Trump wins 2020 and actually continues anti-immigration policies.

Obama, who was half-white (Steve Sailer called him America's Half-Blood Prince) instituted policies designed to discourage assortative mating among whites: his policies forced welfare minorities on working-class suburbs, penalized policing based on actual criminal activity, and discouraged merit-based educational practices. Even if half-white officials are the wave of the future, will they institute freedom-of-association policies, or will they continue and expand intrusive policies designed to further devastate assortative mating choice and objectivity-based based policing and education?

As Steve kind of pointed out, there is a Gresham's Law of Immigration: the bad drives out the good, when both are equally valued. The low-IQ reservoirs of Africa and indigenous Central and South American Indians provide a huge immigration pressure unless there is a committed and effective control on all immigration.

James Fulford writes: People with small amounts of non-white ancestry used to disappear into the white population. With Affirmative Action, not being white is worth money (as Elizabeth Warren could tell you) and now we have what Steve Sailer calls the "Flight From White".

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