A Reader Describes His Ideas For Keeping America American
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog item Low White Birthrate: This Isn't Going to Get Better in 2021

From: Mad Mac [Email him]

White Americans need a goal, a strategy and a step-by-step plan to stop the immigration disaster and answer the "National Question". Otherwise, we are simply whining about our demise. Here are positive steps we can take.

If these things are done, we won't even need to build a wall.

Stopping illegal immigration will not be enough, however. Whites are rapidly becoming a minority in our own country. We have to stop being overtaken by more fertile races already in the country. White taxpayers are subsidizing this non-white population explosion. We have to eliminate incentives for having children. Eliminate welfare for unwed mothers and their children. Eliminate the earned income tax credit. Eliminate tax exemptions for dependents. There are many other federal, state and local welfare programs that can be eliminated. All of these programs are color-blind, though the results may not be.

Finally, support a Convention of States to amend the Constitution and address immigration, welfare, term limits, nepotism, conflicts of interest and the size and purpose of government.

When all this is done, we may be able to hang on to what's left of this nation.



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