The Return Of Nullification: New York To Start Issuing Driver's Licenses To Illegals
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I keep being told by the Main Stream Media that President Donald Trump is an authoritarian dictator who runs a ruthless nationalist regime. 

And yet it seems that illegal immigrants are not only going unpunished, they are being given official documents by the government to enable their criminality. 

As many as 80,000 people statewide who are living in the country illegally, including 30,000 on Long Island, will be able to obtain valid New York State driver’s licenses beginning Saturday.

The starting date follows years of conflict and a continuing divide among New Yorkers. Supporters say the law will make roads safer and help immigrant families prosper; opponents call the law nothing less than a tool for terrorists.

The measure, referred to as the Green Light Law, was passed earlier this year and signed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, making New York the 13th state to provide driver’s licenses to those in the country illegally.

[NY to begin issuing driver's licenses to those in the country illegallyby Michael Gormley, Newsday, December 8 2019]

This is not a new issue. Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California largely because he campaigned against such laws. However, these laws are not being rolled back. Instead, they are expanding to other states. 

The obvious solution is a national ID that would available to citizens only. ICE could also use these laws as an opportunity to round up the illegal immigrants who applied

Doing nothing is not an alternative. Continued refusal to enforce immigration laws is bad enough. Now, the Trump Administration is essentially allowing states to nullify existing law at the state level. 

If the federal government can't be trusted to carry out this most basic of responsibilities, the question must be asked. Why do we even have a federal government at all?

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