A Pentagon Reader Reports The Military Ignoring V-J Day, Pushing Diversity
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From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email him]

Well, another resounding day in the US military as the powers in the Pentagon (where I work) swept September 2, V-J Day, the day Japan signed the surrender documents on board USS Missouri in 1945 down the memory hole. Not one mention, not even a sneeze but the farce of lady Rangers proceeds apace as the purpose of the Army Rangers slips into a "leadership school" instead of how to slit throats in the night.

Gather round too to celebrate Hispanics, Muslims, feminists, homosexuals, "diversity", and God knows what next, but never to celebrate American greatness and guts on the battlefield. The Navy is now a "Global Force for Good", not a maritime guardian protecting freedom of the seas from brigands and foreign menace. No, water everything down to where the Salvation Army is more militant in its spirit than the military and naval forces of the United States.

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