A Pennsylvania Reader Wants To Know Why The FEDERAL Government Is Investigating A Miami Policeman For Pulling Over Female Drivers To Look At Their Breasts
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Re: James Fulford’s Guess The Race Of The "Miami Cop" Who Pulled Female Drivers Over To Look At Their Breasts 

From: Dave Shanken [Email him]

Black men seem to have minimal interest in cleavage, so I wasn't surprised or interested in the classification of the perp.

What I did find of great interest was that it was the Federal government that is charging Officer Dwivedi, and it is charging him with violating civil rights. I do not know why the Feds are involved, but what is relevant to me is that they are involved and charging civil rights violations. Long ago when fed civil rights laws were being debated, the proponents claimed that they would only be used to fight criminal behavior by public officials, not against misbehaving police officers. This shows how creative the DOJ is. The DOJ is also very imaginative in applying the RICO act, which was intended to be use against the management of criminal organizations.

Recently I read an item on the Newsmax site, "Obama Weighs Executive Order to Defend Against Cyber Attacks". Apparently Congress refused to give the DOJ the tools they needed to secure the internet, so the Obama administration is trying to effect an executive bypass. I am aware of the potential dangers of terrorists using the internet, but I am also aware of the potential dangers of the DOJ using laws intended for one purpose, to advance agendas of an entirely different purpose.

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James Fulford writes: Peter Brimelow asked me the same thing, and I was able to tell him that it is, in fact, federal civil rights law that’s being enforced, under what the FBI calls a "color of law" investigation. This was originally aimed at white sheriffs named Buford T. Justice and Roscoe P. Coltrane, but it’s gone through mission creep. 

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