Guess The Race Of The "Miami Cop" Who Pulled Female Drivers Over To Look At Their Breasts
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September 09, 2012, 05:56 PM
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Sheriff Buford T. JusticeIf you saw a headline saying "FBI: Miami Cop Pulled Over Female Drivers To Look At Their Breasts" [September 6th, 2012], would you guess that the "Miami Cop" was
  1. A fat white guy named Buford T. Justice?
  2. A strongly masculine black guy named John Shaft?
  3. A Cuban-American named Luis Mendoza, with a stereotypical pencil mustache?
Whatever you guessed, you`re wrong!
MIAMI (CBS Tampa) – An officer with the Miami-Dade police department was arrested by federal authorities for stopping female drivers for no other reason than to initiate “sexually suggestive conversations.”

According to the Miami Herald, 33-year-old officer Prabhainjana Dwivedi was arrested by FBI agents inside police headquarters on Wednesday.

Now you know. What you won`t know is what color the women he was stopping were—but you can guess.