A San Francisco Reader Is Tired Of Pat Buchanan Telling Her She’s Doomed
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From: Marcy Fleming [Email her]

Do we need yet another “We are all doomed” column or book from  Pat Buchanan?

He's starting to be a boresome Right version of Noam Chomsky, whose last 15 books are all from the same cookie cutter.

Let's discuss our ideas and ways of implementing them, not the same old “demographics is destiny” nonsense on stilts.

See a previous letter from Marcy Fleming.

James Fulford  writes: I prefer optimism myself—discussing a review of  Suicide of a Superpower, written by the author of We Are Doomed,  I wrote:

Then it gets back to the part where we're doomed. I'm not happy about doom—I prefer the "Say Not The Struggle Naught Availeth" attitude. But these days I have to admit that the doomsaying business is looking up.

And so it is—PJB isn’t just prophesying doom for the future, he’s saying “I told you so” about stuff he predicted years ago, and is continuing to come true. Neither he nor VDARE.com is giving up, though, optimism or not.

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