Sam Dickson Writes On Jason Kessler's Call For Law Clerks To Recuse Themselves In Charlottesville Suit
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Re: James Fulford's blog post Charlottesville Narrative Collapse Seen In Jason Kessler Lawsuit

From: Sam Dickson [Email him]

I've never heard of seeking to recuse law clerks before. [Motions to Recuse Filed Against Biased Charlottesville Rally Clerks [Read Here] Jason, March 24, 2020]

But it is a reality that they do write almost all decisions for the judges.

However, Judge Moon very likely reads such opinions very, very carefully.  He knows this is the highest profile case he has before him.  So he probably does not just sign off on opinions on the matter.

The fact that he would flyspeck the decisions himself does not imply that he is fair and impartial.

Anything but.

The enormous indulgence he has shown to the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the white participants in extending their discovery on and on despite the fact that they have now reviewed over one million emails, tweets, Facebook postings, etc. without coming up with the evidence they need to make a legitimate case while he so peremptorily dismissed the white people's case against the police chief and the city (and even opined that the City's decision to withdraw police protection was "ideologically neutral" in the face of the police chief's statements to the cops that a pretext was needed to stop the whites from having their rally) shows that Moon knows how closely he is being watched in how he handles this case.

See a previous letter from Sam Dickson here, and his Charlottesville Inquiry statement here.


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