A New York Reader Has A Question For The MSM, The $PLC, etc…But They Won't Like The Answer
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04/30/09 - A Texas Reader Says Obama's Political Correctness Inhibiting Response To "Swine" (Mexican) Flu

From: Frank Baker (e-mail him)

Re: Nicolas Stix Column: Who Cares If MSM Dies? But There Are Stories You Won't Get Without VDARE.COM—And It Needs Your Help

The next time one of the left wing radicals from the New York Times, the $PLC, or any of the other open borders fanatics accuses anyone on the VDARE.COM editorial collective of xenophobia or racism, ask them what country on this planet they would like to live in that is not predominantly governed by whites.

If they are honest, they would not be able to identify one save perhaps for a remote island somewhere in the Pacific where one might flee to for the express purpose of avoiding government altogether.

Baker was born in the Bronx, after it was considered to be the wilderness north of Manhattan but before it became overwhelmed by immigration.

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