A Happily Married Reader Tells Joe Guzzardi His Story
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10/05/06 - A New York Reader and Massachusetts Native Reports Good Immigration News From The Ultra-Liberal Bay State

From:  Lost in Paradise

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: The Fiancée Visa Racket

I just found Guzzardi's article but have never seen the abuses this article describes.

I will speak only about my own experience, which is similar to most of the Filipino-American families I know.

When I decided to get married, I sat down and formally wrote out a list of desirable traits for the woman I was looking for.

In summary, it was a description of a 1950's family, so there was no point in looking for a wife in the USA.

However, from my time in Asia, I knew that that these traits were extremely common for Filipino women.

Through the mail, I found the one that I proposed to, and seven years and two children later, we are all American citizens. Neither of us feels like the victim of a scam.

Furthermore, eliminating fiancée visas will not keep foreign brides out of the USA. When men visit their prospective brides, if Fiancée Visas are no longer available, they will simply marry them during their visit and petition them with spousal visas.

People marry whom they want, there is nothing a government or special-interest groups can do to stop them.

In closing, your time is better spent working to erect a fence across the Mexican border to keep out many millions of illegals rather than trying to impede an insignificant number of law-abiding citizens from innocently and harmlessly petitioning their wives and fiancées to join them.

I was disappointed to see the hatred and hostility toward Art Bell's new wife. I am reminded of my own case. I am curious, what evil has Mrs. Bell committed to elicit such vitriol? I want to make sure my wife does not make these mistakes.

VDARE.COM comments: We congratulate the "Lost in Paradise" family on its successful marriage…no small achievement. Read another letter from a happily-married woman who brought her husband in on the fiancée visa here. Nevertheless, we receive many more emails from Americans who have brought in immigrant fiancées and are now the tragic victims of fraud.

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