A Mississippi Reader Accuses Us Of PC Spin
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Re: The Real Trayvon Martin Scandal: Minorities Have Bigger Problems Than Trumped-Up Hate Crimes. So Does America.

From Jimmy D. Giles [Email him]

Linda Thom writes

“Actually, blacks usually murder each other. Whites usually murder whites and Hispanics murder Hispanics.  We know this from the dead body count. 

I'm straining harddddddddddddddddd not to curse in response to the PC spin above.  Yeah, and I know you can argue the point but the fact of the matter is young violent African males are preying on white people.  At best Linda Thom is ignorant, which I find hard to believe since she  appears to be an 'informed' person.  How about VDARE.com writing up what happened to Charlotte Parker and her family?!

Peter Brimelow writes: I think this is unfair to us. Who else covered, for example, the Pearcy Massacre?

I guess the point is that the black murder rate is so high that they can still be the leading cause of death to themselves AND kill a lot of whites.

P.S. I see the Parker Case was very like the Pearcy Massacre—just 20 years earlier.

“[Robert Simon Jr.] now 47, was convicted and sentenced to death in the slayings of Carl Parker; Parker's wife, Bobbie Jo; and their 12-year-old son, Gregory. They were killed a few hours after returning to their rural Quitman County home from church services.

Simon also was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of 9-year-old Charlotte Parker, daughter of the slain couple.”

Death row case review set, Clarion-Ledger.com, March 2, 2012.

Positively a trend.

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