A Santa Monica Reader Thanks VDARE.com For Our Defense Of Freedom Of Speech
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From: A Santa Monica Reader [Email him]

Re: Patrick Cleburne’s article That Ravi vs. Clementi "Hate Crime" Verdict: How Long Before VDARE.com Gets Shut Down?

Appreciation and applause for VDARE's condemnation of the "Hate Crime" conviction of the Rutger's student. Soviet Russia has arrived in the US, totalitarianism is now law.

That someone could be convicted of a crime for what he thinks—what he thinks—should set off alarms among conservative commentators and blogs. Instead I find mostly silence. This is so fundamental an attack on the concept of freedom that overlooking this cannot be countenanced by Americans. As far as I can see, and I subscribe to many so-called conservative organs, VDARE.com is the only site that has, so far, headlined this travesty.

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