A Minnesota Reader Reports A Vehicular Homicide By An Unlicensed Driver—Who Is “Undocumented” As Well
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From: An Anonymous Minnesota Reader [Email Him]

Here is an article of an incident that happened recently in the Twin Cities.

Unlicensed driver charged in death of teen hit outside St. Paul school,

by Joy Powell,  July 6, 2012

Notice that the Star Tribune is too spineless to mention in the headline that the culprit is an illegal immigrant. That portion gets a short mention at the bottom of the page (as if it really doesn’t matter). Despicable!

But, nevertheless, we here in the U.S. are too soft to do anything about. These stupid illegals will continue to kill us, and we will continue to let them!

James Fulford writes: This is what Brenda Walker’s column tonight is about—the danger of unlicensed drivers.

In Paragraph one, we learn that the accused is “a St. Paul man”, in paragraph two, we learn about “Carlos Viveros-Colorado, 50, of St. Paul”—and it’s only in paragraph eight, out of eleven, that we learn that “His sister told police that he was an undocumented immigrant who was in the United States illegally.”

Obviously, the Star Tribune's Joy Powell [email her] has internalized the taboo on saying "illegal alien" that I wrote about last night—since she has TWO different ways of not saying it!

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