A California Lawyer Notes The Insanity Of Sacramento's Illegal Alien Sanctuary Bill
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From: A California Lawyer [Email him]

From the L.A. Times:

“In Mexico, the media called her "La Bonita," the pretty one, or "La Chula," the beautiful one, or "La Reina del Crimen," the queen of Mexican crime.”

 “Immigration officials said Noriega Rios was arrested in the United States and deported to Mexico five times between 2004 and 2005 but has no criminal convictions in the U.S.” Alleged cartel 'queen' arrested at unassuming El Monte apartment, July 4, 2012

 This comes out the same day I read that

"In California, immigration bill designed as the ‘anti-Arizona’"

By Mary Slosson

SACRAMENTO, July 4, 2012


While America's debate over immigration has been dominated recently by crackdowns in states like Arizona and Alabama, California legislators are trying to turn that tide with a bill to protect illegal immigrants that they dub the "anti-Arizona."

Last week, the top U.S. court upheld the most controversial aspect of Arizona's immigration statute: a requirement that police officers check the immigration status of people they stop, even for minor offenses such as jay-walking.

Enter California, a border state that is home to the largest number of illegal immigrants, most of whom are Hispanic, and is considerably more liberal than its neighbor Arizona.

A bill currently working its way through the California legislature would block local law enforcement from referring a detainee to immigration officials for deportation unless that person has been convicted of a violent or serious felony.[More]

 The world has truly gone insane.

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