No Immigrant Ever Does Wrong In The Headline
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Steve Sailer's item below about immigrant affinity scams and subprime mortgages features a story headlined Financial Ruin of Immigrants Tied to Broker By Adam B. Ellick, NYT, January 9, 2012,  in which the broker is an immigrant himself, from Guyana, and so are his co-conspirators. That means the head could have been Immigrant Tied To Financial Ruin Of Many, or Guyanese Immigrants Cited In Mortgage Scam.

The financial ruin in question is that of the immigrants who are over their heads on mortgages they got, but since this frequently involved them misstating their income on loan applications, the real victim is whoever lent them the money.

However, the main point is this: even when it's an immigrant-rob-immigrant story, the headline only mentions the immigrant victims.

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