A Massachusetts Reader Doesn't Believe Charlie Kirk And Matt Walsh Have Seen The Light On Identity Issues—We Say They Felt The Heat
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Re: GREER AT THE CASTLE: Identity Issues SLOWLY Entering Conservative Mainstream

From: A Reader in Massachusetts [Email her]

I read Greer’s piece and he has zero credibility. He’s all about maintaining the status quo by suggesting RINOs are useful. I cracked up when he mentioned Charlie Kirk, who has openly attacked conservatives for wanting to crack down on illegal and legal immigration. He, TPUSA, Matt Walsh and others are funded by neocons and other globalists, enemies to U.S. sovereignty.

James Fulford writes: I’d like to note that the point of Greer’s referencing Walsh and Kirk is not that Walsh and Kirk are suddenly good, but that they’re forced by circumstances and by their audience/constituency to take positions like ours because that’s what people want. 

There’s a saying in politics that politicians may not see the light, but they can feel the heat. 

That’s what’s happening with Walsh, Kirk, and for that matter Elise Stefanik, who Greer specifically mentioned as a GOP squish. 

We have a hashtag we call “Feeling the Heat” for this phenomenon.

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