A Louisiana Reader Asks Peter Brimelow Why Michelle Malkin Appears On VDARE.COM; He Defends Her
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11/13/06 - A Tennessee Reader Speculates That Bush Is Okay With Congressional Losses…If They Lead To Amnesty

From: Pat Mason [e-mail him]

I'm sorry but I simply cannot listen to another pro-George W. Bush, anti-everyone else who doesn't like Bush rant by Michelle Malkin

I've asked you this before and I'll ask you again: Why is Malkin on VDARE.COM?

Isn't it apparent she is nothing more than a shill for Bush and his failed, neo-conned GOP?  She belongs on either the Rush Limbaugh or the Sean Hannity teams, two of the most insufferable Bush shills on earth. 

Most VDARE.COM proponents feel exactly like Paul Craig Roberts does about the hijacking of the once-conservative GOP by worn-out 1960s leftists transformed into people who would shock George Orwell. 

How can anyone take Malkin's line on immigration seriously when she is so deluded about an administration that is devoid of reality?

Mason's previous correspondence with VDARE.COM, included in a Juan Mann column, is here.

Peter Brimelow writes: We normally get this complaint about Paul Craig Roberts, who is pugnaciously on the other side of the Iraq War debate. We carry them both because both are among the very few syndicated columnists who do speak out on immigration—for example, here and here. We have to pay for all of their columns, so we figure we might as well post them all.

But in fact Michelle has been critical of George W. Bush:

VDARE.com: 09/20/05 - Not Another Homeland Security Hack

(On Bush Appointee Julie Myers.)

01/16/03 - Bush's Tiny Step

("But Bush's announcement is only a teeny-tiny step in the right direction. In 2001, this administration, not Clinton-Gore, backed the federal government's payment of cash bonuses to highway construction firms that accept bids from companies owned by members of certain minority groups.")

VDARE.com: 08/24/04 - Dubya, Jorge P, And The Bipartisan Betrayal At The Border

("[George P.] Bush went further in defaming the character of our Border Patrol agents and their supervisors: 'If there has been American approval for this policy, that is reprehensible,' George P. Bush said of the guns, essentially paintball projectiles filled with chile powder. 'It's kind of barbarous.' ["Bush's Nephew, in Mexico, Calls Arming of Border Guards 'reprehensible', By Mark Stevenson, Associated Press , Aug 21, 2004])

VDARE.com: 01/11/05 - Bush's Armstrong Blunder Bad For Minority Conservatives

("There are no shades of gray about this, friends: the Bush Education Department subsidized a prominent minority conservative 'journalist' with federal taxpayer dollars to sell black parents on the Teddy Kennedy-inspired No Child Left Behind boondoggle…This fiscally irresponsible, ethically challenged, and possibly illegal arrangement deserves only one thing from conservatives: unqualified contempt.")

VDARE.com: 01/06/04 - Bush's Hispandering Hit On Social Security

("While innocent babes who have yet to earn a penny are threatened with jail time for misusing Social Security cards, the Bush administration appears set this week to turn the ailing government pension program into an international relief fund for illegal alien workers who used counterfeit Social Security cards and stolen numbers to secure illegal jobs.")

VDARE.com: 10/04/05 - The Coffee and Donuts Defense

(On Harriet Myers: "But Bush did not promise grass-roots conservatives that he'd put a Harry Reid-endorsed Cheer Bear on the court.")

VDARE.com: 07/08/03 - Spy Software Scandal: Bush Credibility At Stake

(Inslaw—too complicated to explain, but does not make Bush look good.)

VDARE.com: 02/28/06 - The Right Plays The Race Card

(The Dubai Ports Scandal: "By the Bush standard, we who put American security above Arab sensitivity are all bigots now.")

VDARE.com: 04/26/06 - The Victims Of Illegal Immigration

("President Bush accuses those of us who want to secure America's borders and fully enforce our immigration laws of lacking 'compassion.'

("Huh. Well, I have yet to hear an ounce of compassion from President Bush for America's countless casualties of lax immigration enforcement. Where's the sympathy for innocent, law-abiding citizens who have lost their lives at the hands of illegal aliens and their open-borders enablers?")

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