A Tennessee Reader Speculates That Bush Is Okay With Congressional Losses…If They Lead To Amnesty
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From: Robert Randall [e-mail him]

I'm not normally a conspiracy fan. And I've been a solid supporter of President George Bush, excepting only his amnesty fixation.

But in viewing his reaction to the election and in light of his throwing Rummy under the bus one day after the election, a little worm started gnawing in my brain and it won't go away.

Since he had to know he was going to dump Secretary of State Don Rumsfeld and start bringing in people from his father's empty-suit administration, is it possible he delayed canning Rummy in order NOT to increase the GOP vote in congress, hoping a Democrat takeover would remove the amnesty "obstructionists" in the House?

Is it further possible that Bush's ruse succeeded better than expected and lead to the loss of the Senate as unforeseen collateral damage?

Bush has mentioned at least twice in recent days how he intends to push his amnesty proposal… and he's been looking pretty happy about it while chatting up the president-elect of Mexico, Felipe Calderon.

Am I right or should I get fitted for a tinfoil hat?

Randall is a retired electrician and, according to him, "a conservative political junkie."

Joe Guzzardi comments: Randall's theory, impossible to totally dismiss given what we know about Bush's character and priorities, is making the rounds on Capitol Hill. People don't want to believe it…and yet what evidence points in the other direction?

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