A Massachusetts Reader Says Municipalities Must Stage Boston Tea Party To Stop Amnesty
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From: M.S.

Americans have to pull out all the stops to prevent amnesty.  

The towns that have taken a stand against illegal immigration like Escondido, CA. and Hazleton, PA. have already played a major role.

Similarly sized small towns can do the same by placing large "STOP AMNESTY" signs in front of their city halls.  In addition they can get together to sign "Stop amnesty" resolutions.

Local governments have been taking orders from Washington for too long. But I think there is a spirit of Boston Tea Party-like rebellion throughout the country. 

When the presidential and senatorial candidates are out campaigning, they seek the local political leaders endorsements. They need the support of small town mayors. 

This is where the local communities can show their power. 

Municipalities can demand that the Congress stop amnesty if candidates want to earn the town's support during the next election cycle.

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