A Gay Florida Reader Takes Offense At Ann Coulter's View Of Homosexuals
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07/15/06 - Saturday's Letters: A Minnesota Liberal Reader Says Not Just Republicans Oppose Immigration; etc.

From:  Sam McCrea

Re: Athena Kerry's Column: Godless Reignites Catholic Student's Faith In Ann Coulter

I just wanted to add to Kerry's comment on Ann Coulter's immature remark about " conservative, heterosexual men."

I just happen to be a homosexual, and personally, I'm offended. Why shouldn't I be? I'm a staunch libertarian and far more socially and fiscally conservative than most of the people I know, gay or straight.

Why am I considered less of an American just because of who I might sleep with?

I would ask two things of Coulter:

  • First, when did people's sexuality become a political issue?


  • And second, why have you decided to fight liberals by being just as flippant, obnoxious, and idiotic as they are? Why have you sunk to their level?

As a gay man I can assure Coulter that we are not all pansy left-wingers.

McCrea teaches at a Florida college.

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