A Friend Of VDARE.com Says A Sticker Maker Thinks "Make Orwell Fiction Again" Is Hate Speech, Won't Print It
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From: A Friend Of VDARE.com [Email him]

Making the Totalitarian Left expose themselves should be a mission critical for all patriots and lovers of freedom.  Our country’s future depends on it.

Only when we draw or scare them out of their privileged cocoons and bastions of power—in government, in the media, in academia, in advertising—when, provoked and exposed, they feel compelled to violate the Constitution to censure and cancel us, can we rally, unite and fight back.

In this respect, this week I found the Holy Grail.  And it is only four words:


Can’t say that I dreamed up this slogan.  In fact I saw it on a bumper sticker (on a beaten-up pickup, of course) on the Beltway outside D.C.  But it was a Eureka moment.

Don’t these four perfectly chosen words evoke the nightmare that is political and social reality since the Biden/Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest have been in power?  And is not the remedy clear:  to call totalitarian drift by its name?

How do I know the Left is afraid of such truth-telling?  In the course of looking online for sources for bumper stickers, yard signs, and the like with this slogan (and having been delighted to find some), I thought about making some T-shirts and stickers myself from one of those online stores.

Lo and behold, I was stopped in my tracks with: 

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your order. The designs are in conflict with our content guidelines.

But I sense that this is not a defeat.  Rather it is a huge win.  I am not giving up.

I’ll do whatever I can to display and distribute these words far and wide.  What I would hope, what could be huge, what could really change things, would be: if my fellow patriots and freedom lovers would join me. 

If, in a few months, MAKE ORWELL FICTION AGAIN could be seen on bumpers, T-shirts, and yard signs, at sports games and county fairs, by the tens of thousands, or millions, nationwide.  

Isn’t that the thing, perhaps the only thing, we have left:  our numbers and our hearts?



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