A Nebraska Reader Says The U Of Nebraska OK Sign Logo Change Comes From Minority Diversity, Inclusion And Equity DIEcrats
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Re: University Of Nebraska Changes Blond-Haired/Blue-Eyed Mascot From Doing OK Sign, Because It Supposedly Denotes White Power

From: Dale Gribble [Email him]

The University DIEcrats earned their pay this year, especially the make-work affirmative action hires who make sure the overwhelmingly black team members of the University of Nebraska football team feel safe.

Dr. Lawrence Chatters, whose title is “Executive Associate AD - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” in the  Nebraska Athletic Department [Email him]explains

“When there is hatred and hurt attached to a symbol, or a word, or a gesture, we have to pay attention to it,” associate athletic director of diversity, equality and inclusion Dr. Lawrence Chatters told the Flatwater Free Press. “We don’t have the choice to just say, ‘Well, that’s not what you think it is.”

“Truthfully, those groups do exist. Truthfully, those are movements that have caused issues in our country. We’re not talking about a false reality here.” 

Nebraska Cornhuskers Update Logo To Avoid Alleged White Supremacist Gesture, by Andrew Lind, SportsLogos.net, January 28, 2022

They have plans to improve “racial equity” and “inclusion”.

The usual points are in it of course, more diversitycrats, more lenient grading for oppressed minorities because Koreans and Chinese are getting fat off the white power structure. The University also needs to make sure the Lincoln Police Department isn’t busting too many POCs, like for raping coeds. See my letter on this, featuring such headlines as Ex-Nebraska football player found not guilty of sexual assaultEx-Husker Maurice Washington sentenced for revenge porn in California, and Nebraska players not charged after investigation into alleged rape.

Also, the University needs to study its landmarks and symbols. Sounds to me like Herbie Husker and Lil Red need to grow dreadlocks.

All this looks like window dressing to me. Another instance where we peon white guys trying to get a University job and benefits for building and grounds will have to make way for applicants who check all the boxes.

I say the University would really show its commitment to DIE principles if white University officials like President Ted Carter (former Superintendent of the US Naval Academy) Ronny Green (UNL Chancellor) Trev Alberts (athletic director) and Scott Frost (head football coach) all resigned and had minorities take their place.

See earlier letters from the same reader.

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