A Former Texas Teacher Tells Why He Left The Classroom…And Explains Why He Will Never Return
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From:  Scott Collier [e-mail him]

Re: Saturday's Letter: A Texas Educator Says Foreign Teachers Have No Place In An American Classroom

This is in response to retired Texas educator Ruth Sellers' comments on Joe Guzzardi's column about schools hiring foreign teachers: As I Predicted, Lodi Unified School District Takes The Bait; Hires Filipino Teachers.

In Texas, 45,000 classrooms do not have a certified teacher.  And, according to the Texas Classroom Teacher's Association, there are 210,000 certified teachers in Texas not working in education.

Why?  Well, it's administrators who refuse to enforce discipline, for one.  It's the dumbed-down, utterly boring curriculum, for another. 

But mostly it's the total lack of respect given to teachers by students, parents and principals.  No competent person wants to work under those circumstances.

Of course, other factors are involved.

I have two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree.  I also have a lifetime teaching certificate and am certified to teach in 37 states and 14 foreign countries.  I have 15 years experience in education (counting student and substitute teaching), with 11 years experience as a full-time teacher (junior high and high school) and three years experience as a part-time professor (teaching assistant, community college and university). 

I recently left education to help my mother manage the family business. But if I wanted to return to teaching, I seriously doubt I could get a job anywhere except in the inner city schools of large cities—because districts will not hire educated and experienced teachers

My salary is too high on the pay scale.  This is why the most districts prefer recent graduates with an emergency certificate or as is the current trend, import foreign teachers at lower salaries. Districts don't have to pay uncertified teachers at the same rate so their budgets are spared.

The U.S. education system is the same as any other bureaucracy.  It's top heavy. The only people who earn good salaries are not in the classroom.

To hell with the children, this is about money.

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