A Reader Expert On Job Destruction Writes About The Growing Use of H-1B Visas In Education
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August 29, 2005

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A Reader, Former Resident, Says "God Have Mercy On California!"

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "Look Out Teachers; The H-1B Visa Gang Wants Your Job"

From: Rob Sanchez ([email protected])

I thank Joe Guzzardi and VDARE.com for publishing an excellent article on the use of foreign teachers in our schools.

In the year 2003, Arizona educators traveled to New Delhi to hire Indian teachers who could be brought to the U.S. on H-1B visas. This happened while schools in Scottsdale, Arizona were firing teachers to save money.

What was going on in Arizona was not unusual or atypical. Schools districts have been replacing American born teachers with cheaper and more docile transplants from overseas. These foreign teachers are literally indentured servants of the state, who cannot complain when they are paid starting teacher salaries as they are sent to the worst and most undesirable schools.

When I discovered what was going on in Arizona I sent several emails to every officer in the local teachers union (Arizona Education Association). I never received a single reply. So I called and left several phone messages to Penny Kotterman (e-mail [email protected]) the president of the union.

She and the other officers of the union refused to communicate with me.

I assume they stonewalled me because they are either too stupid to understand the issues or have been bought off by the cheap labor lobby.

Either way it's obvious that the unions who are supposed to support teachers have sold them out to be bartered as global commodities.

This education hiring scandal isn't rare. School districts that openly flaunt their preference for cheap foreign teachers include California, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Mississippi, and Alabama, just to name a few.

Legislators and educators claim that they look for foreign teachers because Americans either don't want the jobs or they don't have the skills to teach our kids.

Their claims are nothing but bunk! Schools are doing this to cut costs because the quality of the teachers they get from foreign countries is rarely as good as what they can find here.

I email regular updates with issues such as H-1B and offshoring with a publication called the "Job Destruction Newsletter". Go to my website (www.zazona.com) to find out how to sign up to be on the free mailing list.

[Rob Sanchez's VDARE.COM writings: "Reflections on the Minuteman Project", "H1B Visas: Putting the Bite on American Jobs" and "Who's Afraid of 9/11? Illegal Aliens Still Get Sensitive U.S. Jobs"]

[Peter Brimelow comments: In my teacher union book The Worm In The Apple, I observed that the teacher union apparatchiks live in such a hermetically-sealed liberal world that they are genuinely amazed to be asked about immigration.]
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