A Nebraska Minuteman Calls Bush "Elitist And Cowardly"
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06/17/06 - Saturday's Letters: A Kansas Reader Trying To Bring His Family Legally To America Loses Three Years In Line Because Of An Illegal Alien Amnesty; etc.

From:  Dennis Murphy [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: McCain, Kennedy, Specter, Pence…Bush!

The Nebraska Minutemen responded to President Bush's Omaha visit with palpable disgust. The President chose to visit the Juan Diego Center and then speak to a narrowly selected group of supporters at Metro Community College rather than have the courage to meet the general public.

His elitist and cowardly "sneak in and out" approach regarding the issue of illegal immigration is uncharacteristic of a President who is otherwise courageous on issues such as Iraq and the war on terror.   

As have most Americans, the Minutemen recognize the President's call for "broad-based" or "comprehensive immigration reform" to be code phrases for amnesty.

The people of Nebraska reject such a proposal.

Fool us once—shame on you; fool us twice—shame on us.  Residents remember that the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act was a classic bait and switch beltway ploy. At least President Reagan was honest by calling it an "amnesty package."

We will not swallow that bait again.  And frankly, when the likes of Senators Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy and Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are praising the President's position—not to mention Vicente Fox—we know that the fix is in.

I approached the Catholic Charities well before the Bush's visit in an effort to secure tickets for his address but was soundly ignored.

Even when I declared that I was a Catholic who routinely responds to this organization's requests for donations in times of need—I was again rebuffed.

We the People must fight the President and his Senate cronies to ensure that border protection is first and foremost.

To do otherwise will bequeath an irreversible nightmare to our grandchildren.

Murphy is the Omaha Chapter Leader of the Nebraska Minutemen Civil Defense Corp

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