A Florida Reader Writes On The Dangers Of Media Lies Causing More "Black Lives Matter" Riots...And Murders
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's article The Lying Press Will Get Blamed For Next Big Terrorist Attack. Quite Right Too.

From: Florida Observer [Email him]

This is a superb statement of the reality that will harm us and accelerate the decline of the nation. The media and academia have spread propaganda since 1960.  I fought it while I was at UCLA in the Sixties because I smelled a rat in budding signs of Leftist craziness. I  fought  against the radical school reformers because I knew American schools were generally among the best in the world. I taught at in a Northeastern High School and saw the excellence first hand.

What I couldn't see was the shape of the budding revolution. Now I am 84 and can see better what it truly is and how the Left uses its media power to transform a formerly successful nation. The Civil Rights Movement was the perfect wedge to utilize.

Ron Unz has a very good essay on the dishonesty of the MSM and the terrible cost of radical groups like BLM. [American Pravda: The KKK and Mass Racial Killings, September 19, 2016]

Feeding blacks any pieces of alleged police misconduct fires up their penchant for irrational thinking and impulsive violent responses. This entire movement is contrived.

Whites are kept in a defensive mode at all times and media control of public discourse poses an almost insuperable problem for conservatives and independents who could effectively counter this totalitarian phenomenon. But for the Internet we would be absolutely powerless.

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