A Reader Says The NFL Won't Stand Up For America Because It's Held Hostage By Its Black Players
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Re Paul Kersey’s Kaepernick’s Black Lives Matter Antics Show It’s Time For Americans To Put Away Childish Game of Pro/College Football and The Curse Of Kaepernick: Football Ratings Are DOWN!

From: TR [Email him]

After reading Paul Kersey’s articles on the NFL and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell [Tweet him] I have to say that I think Kersey is wrong. Goodell is simply playing the odds in a smart way.

Right now, he's endorsed every anti-American, anti-white, and anti-Law and Order gesture taken by his black players. And what's happened? Nothing, really. Ratings are down a bit, but there could be any number of causes for that. Goodell knows that the vast majority of his (white) fan base are basically brain-dead cretins who could care less about the breakdown of America. They might post anti-Kaepernick memes on Facebook Monday through Saturday, but on Sunday they'll pay exorbitant prices for parking, buy the most expensive tickets in sports, and swill overpriced beer for the privilege of going boola-boola at "their" team. Net effect? Nada. Have YOU seen any large quantities of empty seats? Me neither. And it would remain thus even if every Black NFL player wore a patch that said "Kill all white people" on their jerseys.

On the other hand, let's say that Goodell had made a courageous stand in favor of the country that has expended more time, blood, and treasure in the cause of black uplift than any other. Imagine that he allowed and encouraged the Cowboys to wear the memorial decals for the cops and he forbade players to not honor the National Anthem under penalty of suspension and fines.

In this case, Goodell would likely face a revolt by the black players who make up the majority of his rosters, and that revolt would be fully supported by the Lying Press. He could even have a black player boycott—which would mean that the entire league would be thrown into chaos. Those same brain-dead cretin fans would join the media and the black players in calling for his head—and by Halloween, Goodell would be unemployed.

The truth is that Goodell, the commissioner of the most popular sport in the United States, is held hostage by Negroes. Tell me again how blacks are oppressed in this country.

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