A Florida Reader Suggests That The Jordan Commission’s Findings Be Written Into The Gang Of 8 Bill
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Re Patrick Cleburne’s blog item Why Not Include This Sensible New Israeli Measure In Gang Bill?

From: Delmar Jackson [Send him mail]

In addition to the law Israel passed preventing illegals from sending remittances abroad, the United States has a lot of home-grown enforcement measures that have never been implemented.

Why not include the recommendations from the 1995 Bipartisan Commission On Immigration which was headed by Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Jordan? All of the Jordan Commission’s findings were applauded by Clinton, yet none implemented, and I never hear anyone in the media mention the proposals today.

Perhaps it is because the findings indicated we had too much immigration and that immigration hurt working class Americans and proposed we reduce immigration.

The chief method of reducing illegal immigration proposed by the Commission was to issue a national ID card to be used twice in a citizen’s life, when they were applying for a job or for a government benefit.  This one idea would have eliminated illegal immigration almost 20 years ago.

Now we still do not have an ID card or workplace enforcement, but we do have all our phone calls recorded and 20 million illegals and calls for doubling legal immigration.

We need to throw the Jordan Commission in the lying face of congress and not let the public forget about it.

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1995 Barbara Jordan Press Conference on Legal Immigration Recommendations

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