A Reader Warns Of John Stossel’s Open Borders Propaganda Push, Tonight At 9 On Fox Business!
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 From: A Reader In Mississippi [Email Him]

I was dismayed but not surprised this morning when Fox & Friends did a promo segment on one of John Stossel's upcoming reports that will discuss how Canada is taking immigrant talent from the US because it is so difficult to get an H1B.  This seems to be a last minute propaganda push by the Treason Lobby's ministry of communications to rally the troops to open the gates so that the US can be as great as Canada.

James Fulford writes: I looked up the show promo on the web, and while it’s true that Stossel said that Canada was trying to grab smart immigrants (“ Canada pays for billboards near Silicon Valley promoting their own visa system. Canada's immigration boss even went to California to recruit smart workers” he also included a little balance—stuff   like:

“It’s hard to have open borders when some people want to kill us. It's also foolish now that we are a welfare state, and some people want to come here to freeload.

Former Colorado congressman, Tom Tancredo, wants to deter illegal immigration by forcing employers to use E-Verify to identify lawbreakers, while added more security to our southern border.

When Special Correspondent Kennedy went to the border, she found the fence riddled with holes.” The American Dream (9PM ET on FBN), by John Stossel,  June 13, 2013.

However, basically it looks like libertarian open borders propaganda, and can be expected to ignore the low quality of modern-day immigrants. Canada may be advertising in Silicon Valley for smart workers, it’s not advertising in the Central Valley for stupid ones.

The Fox & Friends illlustration for this show is the same illustration used on all immigration programs, the Statue Of Liberty, and the title is the same title: The American Dream. Modern immigrants never see the Statue Of Liberty, since they come by air or ford the Rio Grande, and they don't think they're living the American Dream. They mostly think they're living the Mexican Dream—in America. Readers can let Stossel know what they think on Twitter here.

Note the absolutely typical illustration—modern immigrants never see that statue, they come by air or ford the Rio Grande.



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