A Dallas Reader Is Not Worried About Illegal Alien "Victims" Of Illegal Employers
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From: A Dallas Reader [Email him]

There's a story on WFAA that says Texas business cheated undocumented workers out of overtime, lawsuit claims, by Tanya Eiserer and Mark Smith, WFAA, November 1, 2019.

Some illegals arrested in a big Trump Administration bust on Load Trail Manufacturers are still in the US, and suing for the extra wages they weren't entitled to earn in the first place. This is B.S. Some of these parasites were making $80,000 per year as skilled welders.

And what about the extraordinary margins "earned" by the owners of this company? No Social Security withholding. No benefits, for example, health insurance. So, when these parasites get severely injured they go to the "free" county hospital here in Dallas: Parkland.

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