A Connecticut Reader A Warns: No Matter How Bad Things Get In Mexico, Don't Call The Police!
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From: Claude W. Wilson (e-mail him)

Re: Michelle Malkin's Column: How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens

Malkin wrote:

     "The Red Cross has protested rampant Mexican police corruption,   intimidation and bribery schemes targeting illegal aliens there for years. " 

As a former legal resident of Mexico who had all his "papers," I can promise you that the last thing anyone in trouble wants to do is call the local police.

If for example your car is stolen, just chalk it up to bad luck and ride the bus. You'll never see your car again.

If you report the theft, when the police arrive you'll probably be squeezed for a bribe. If they recover your car, they'll send it to a chop shop or keep it for their own.

If in the process the federales determine you are in Mexico illegally, you'll go to jail—unless of course you can bribe your way out of it.

Wilson worked in Mexico City as an international sales manager for Del Monte.

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