A New York Media Consultant Criticizes The New York Times
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05/02/10 - An Arizona Patriot Calls Grijalva's Office; Gets Hung Up On!

From: Russell Bell (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: Arizona, Britain and Harvard Law All Show Contempt For Ordinary People

Sailer pointed out in his column that illegal alien sympathizer and New York Times op-ed writer Frank Rich used words like "bigoted," "slimed" and other inflammatory language to describe Arizona's S.B. 1070. [If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem, by Frank Rich, New York Times, May 1, 2010]

Even though Rich writes an opinion piece, using those words violate mainstream media professional journalism standards.

We know that means nothing to the NY Times. But perhaps it could take a clue from its hero Barack Obama who, in his commencement address to the University of Michigan, called for "civil discourse" when debating political differences.

Bell's previous letter about the CNN flop Latino in America is here.

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